TRIPLE what you raise for Aegis with this FREE course

If you want to raise funds for the Aegis Trust’s life-saving work by encouraging people you know to sponsor you to undertake a challenge of any kind, the Aegis Community Fundraising Course is for you. Register now for free access.

What you'll learn

With other Aegis supporters, the instructor for this course was preparing to cycle 450km from London to Paris for Aegis. A call-out to friends on Facebook for donations raised precisely ... four likes and one supportive comment.

With a $2000 personal fundraising target to hit, he went back to the drawing-board and came up with a new strategy. Executed systematically over the two months leading up to the ride, it smashed the fundraising target - converting around 100 of 150 potential donors approached to actual donors.

This course reveals the principles behind that successful strategy, taking you step-by-step through its application to your own fundraising – along with new tactics tested since, which can add hundreds if not thousands to total you raise. Whether your fundraising activity is less than 3 weeks or more than 3 months away, you’ll find brilliant takeaways here which you can quickly put to effective use.

NOTE: This is an on-demand, self-guided course. For live instructor support and many extra benefits, see below.


Run for Peace this May to raise funds for the Aegis Trust and join our Peace Runners Course right here to learn about the work of Aegis, find out about the history of genocide, meet survivors and discover how the funds you raise will help prevent atrocities and save lives. (You can also pick a different challenge activity, if running's not your thing.)

FREE ENTRY: No fundraising minimum required.

-week course starts March 30th and finishes May 25th; one short workshop weekly.

Includes email and weekly in-person support to complete the Aegis Community Fundraising Course. 

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